Vision statement

A Christiania Church:
- A church based in Christiania and the setting of Christiania.
- Not just a church but an outreach ministry.
- Not just an outreach ministry but a movement.

We have the dream to see:
- God the Father, coming home in the midst and the hearts of His people and people come home to Him through Jesus... in Christiania, in the subscene, and in the growing up generation.
- To see a new Jesus movement that brings His kids home to The Father.
- To touch hearts and the nations with the fire of Gods love.

To see this coming through we wanna:
- Make a place for Him to come, a place where He is wanted, loved and worshipped.
- Be together His dream family that embraces His presence and His homecoming kids.
- Be learning to walk like Jesus and reaching out with Gods love.

Therefore we commit ourselves to:
- The Fathers values.
- Letting God love us and impart His love into our hearts and love Him back.
- Pray regulary for Christiania.
- Ask Father about how to get Christiania in touch with Him and His love.
- Ask Father how He wants His house in Christiania to look like and which steps we should take when.
- Be His hands and His feet.
- Spend time with Daddy God, to seek His face and to ask Him to impart His dream about family in our hearts.
- Learning how to be family together, to grow in loving each other.
- Be willing to let God work in our hearts and deal with issues and hang-ups.
- Carry each other in prayer and to fight our problems together.
- Allowing each other to speak into each others life.
- Welcome newbeginners and let them be part of our family and help them to grow.
- To do all that and have fun!

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