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We're a bunch of people who get together every other Sunday in at John & Sandra's place in their flat in Christiania.

Four times a year we have a beautiful Night Church service in Magasinet in the buttom of Operaen.

You are always welcome!


E-mail us at: christianiakirken@hotmail.com



-Who are we?


We want to be a church in our own expression as part of the subculture-environment of "Christiania", an alternative quarter of Denmark´s capital Copenhagen. The "hippie- freestate" is organized as a collective with – partly- own "government".
Started by hippies, there are now all kinds of people living in Christiania…Besides the people, who live there, lot´s of visitors are coming to Christiania – tourists and many regular visitors who sometimes come there daily. (For more informantion and an "guided tour" with pictures of the beautiful environment look at

We believe that (although there is some bad stuff – as everywhere else) there is a lot of good stuff about the culture and together-living in Christiania…(Who says that the "normal" way of life in general is more Jesus-like than alternative lifestyles..?)
We therefore want to be a church for and with both 'Christianites' ans visitors, that fit in the subculture, is kinda like we are (: and are with Jesus (Please read our vision-paper)

Currently, we have a prayer-evening once a week and twice a month a little service in an old storage room in Christiania…but that is just an expression of our dream and vision.
We are also dreaming of seeing a Jesus-movement rising in the subculture-scenes everywhere and specially in Denmark…(read the vision-paper
) – and take a look at www.jesusfreaks.com)


Read also the The Jesus Freak announcement


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E-mail contact: christianiakirken@hotmail.com
Telephone contact: (0045)27 700 484 (Best Thusday-Friday 12-17 o'clock)

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Christiania home page: www.christiania.org

Jesus Freaks home page: www.jesusfreaks.com

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