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As Jesus Freaks we claim that in spite of crusades, burning of witches, boring church services, TV preachers who rake in money, and all the pseudo - religious affectation, there is something true and very wonderful behind the story about Jesus!

To be honest we even believe that there isn't anything better in this whole world than to live with Jesus. Relationship with Him is the meaning of life! The important thing is that neither religion, nor any kind of wisdom on rules for life are what it's about, but a personal relationship with the creator of this earth. Jesus lived on this earth as the son of God. He died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead, and is the only one who can close the gap between God and us today. Jesus is the way to God.

We experience that the words of the bible have extraordinary power, and that its statements about life and God are absolutely true. God introduces himself to people, and shows His unique plan for mankind and every individual.We believe that He turned particularly to the outcast and poor, to those who do not fit the values of our society. As Jesus Freaks we want to live as Jesus did; he is our example. Everybody can come as they are, no matter which social background they come from. It is not our aim to entertain people or to improve their lot but to introduce many to the ressurected Jesus.

Our vision is to see our generation stand up for Jesus in our country, in Europe and all over the world, because living with Jesus is the most cool, compelling, intense and exciting thing of all.This Jesus movement will encourage people to build their own churches in their own style and in their own culture. We like to see other churches who have Jesus at their center. We regard all christians as a big family. Every church and every christian is special and has a mission from God - and we want to carry out ours!


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